Lake and Pond Surveys-

Fish Population Assessment


Electro-fishing is the first management tool we use to quantify the number of fish in a pond and their individual health (condition factor).  We use a specially designed boat with a generator.  The generator sends an electric current into the water down electric lines that hang off a boom.  The current stuns the fish around the boat.  The fish are not harmed in any way and are only stunned for a few minutes. We net the fish out and count, measure and weigh them to extrapolate the population structure of the pond or lake.  From this data we write a report including: stocking recommendations; population structure analysis; individual fish quality analysis; water quality; aquatic vegetation management recommendations and other proposed solutions.  Other recommendations include: forage fish needs, pond structure/cover needs, erosion control, docks, fish feeders, etc…


Fishing survey estimates are determined by the size of the lake or pond, the number of ponds to be surveyed, and the distance from our shop in San Marcos.


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