Pond Renovation: When fish populations are too mixed for corrective stocking measures, e.g. Over-abundance of green sunfish, bullhead catfish, gar, etc., we recommend that the population be sacrificed with the use of Rotenone.  Once the pond has been cleared, we will restock the pond with the correct balance of bass and blue gill.  Choices can be a balanced bass/blue gill population, a trophy bass population, or trophy size blue gill population.

Clear Muddy waters: Sometimes the sediment in ponds is too fine to settle out by gravity.  We take our work boat and treat the pond by diluting Aluminium Sulphate (Alum) throughout the water column.  The Alum precipitates the suspended clay particles leaving the water clear of turbidity.  Call us today for pricing: 512-396-1231

Pond fertilization: Often times, when ponds are new, they need a “kick-start” to get a plankton bloom going.  A plankton and zooplankton bloom are fundamental building blocks to aquatic ecology.  During sunlight hours the plankton produce oxygen to drive the aquatic engine which results in food for zooplankton and other aquatic critters.  These critters provide food for the base of the food chain.  Without an adequate “bloom” a pond is substantially less productive.  However, great care must be taken when applying fertilizer.  Too much phosphorus and nitrogen and a pond can become laden with too many aquatic plants and algae.

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Algae Problems: Eutrophication: Ponds that receive nutrients faster than can be digested are considered eutrophic waters.  Some ponds are built in a nutrient rich area or receive great amounts of leaf litter and fertilizer like golf course ponds and Homeowner Association ponds.  The pond’s digestion is limited by oxygen and microbes.  We install aeration systems and apply bacterial amendments to help this situation.

See: http://www.vertexwaterfeatures.com/pond-lake-articles


Pond Retainers or Maintenance Package: High profile or high usage ponds and lakes will often need two visits per month to either: control unwanted algae, refill fish feeders, adjust aeration systems and reset fountains, change fountain light bulbs, and analysis of erosion etc.

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